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School Leadership Project

Having worked in imparting skills to children through parents and teachers for over 5 years, EF is now implementing the second phase of its school education improvement program by commencing work on the Leadership aspect of schools. A student depends on teachers and teachers need great leadership to be successful in their roles. India does not currently have any program instituted for leadership development for schools. There are stray programs here and there for teacher and principal training but none that focuses on Leadership. EF’s Founder has already been doing work on this for the last 8 years and proposes to carry forward the work with new research, surveys and creating tools (and if possible, an institute) for such leadership. No agency or bank funds such a large effort which involves meeting hundreds of schools, surveys, collecting data to propel original research. This will again be the first of a kind approach.

EF appeals to subscribers and friends to contribute to this effort by donating their might to the cause. You can contribute by simply subscribing to the EF Lifetime membership or by making a donation of any amount you choose. The links for these contributions are given below.

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