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SudiptaK . on "The Fear Of Failure"

Excellent article explaining the real meaning of "failure". Very bad that our current education system does not teach such things. Even worse, not sure how many parents understand such things - let alone teach this to their children.

Krishnan Varadharajan . on "The Fear Of Failure"

Good article. In many cases the schools and parents push the children harder to score more than 95% and there are cases where they push to the extent of "win at any cost". The balance that is required to assess what we learn, how much we score, our career choice needs to be restored.

Srikanth M . on "The Fear Of Failure"

Perfect Sir! My sister was a school topper right through but said no to either Engineering or Medicine while entering college.She liked Literature! My parents encouraged her to study what she liked and she satisfied my mother’s urge to become a Doctor, she got a PhD in Mass Communication and now works in IIM-B !! :) Albert Einstein - Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid!! And your truly ended as a

Ronak . on "Comprehend This"

Though this is the best articulation but unconsciously I have been practicing some of the above-mentioned tasks with my 8-year-old niece. She is fond of stories and at the bed time she would ask someone to read her story (till 2-3 years back). Whenever I was reading her story, I would halt in between & asked her what she understood. Now when she reads on her own, I usually ask her to tell/narrate me her favourite story that she read recently. With the bribe of setting up blog of her own, she is

Amit Jain . on "Social Skills - Part 1"

The need to inculcate such skills is undeniable. I see two challenges: a) Parents don't know how to, and b) Parents themselves do not possess any or limited of these skills (which is often) and therefore resort to mere exhortation without being able to present any demonstrable models. It would be difficult to keep telling children rhetorically to listen, when there are ample opportunities for the kids to shoot back –“hey, you yourself are a horrible listener”. I hope you would cover both of thes

Dwarakanath M N . on "Knowledge, Skills, Talent & Performance"

A small point on 'rote' learning... The meaning or philosophy of our scriptures (like Vedas) are hard to understand at a young age. But Vedas can be easily taught verbally starting from a young age. Therefore, I think, traditionally the Veda pathashalas emphasize the verbal learning (learn by-heart) of mantras - rote learning. The visualization, conceptualization, understanding, contemplating on the meaning of those mantras is for a higher age. And such a practitioner would appear to be sitting

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